Futurae Radices Manifesto 

1. Gastronomy is art. Futurae Radices is art, our gastronomy is art.

1.1 Futurae Radices is a tool to revise our conceptions of human activities,, a glimpse into the inner universe.

1.1.1 To be an art, a culinary process must question our relationship with the environment, the way we construct our reality and the way we conceptualize and manage food.

1.1.2 If gastronomy is an art, a culinary process will only be gastronomy if it serves to carry out such questioning.

1.2 Few proposals of haute cuisine restaurants can be considered gastronomic works, because they are not intended as artistic works.

1.3 Gastronomy, the culinary art, through metaphors and stories supported emotionally in sensations, seeks the begetting collision towards purifying moments.

1.4 It will be art only when it can express and transmit all kinds of emotions.

1.5 We are artists only if our dishes / works have something to say.

1.6 It is a clear expression of our times; the reflection about our relationships with food is only a side effect.

2. Everything is about emotions, mate!

2.1 The pleasure of good food is the most mediocre of the possible emotions that gastronomy can generate.

2.2 The good cook (artist) has to violate our palate and our mind.

2.3 The gastronomic work must generate not only joy and surprise, but also nostalgia, pain, fear ...

2.4 The gastronomic work deserves to be difficult to eat. Or to get. Imagine a veil of bacon at low temperature strung on the shell of a sea urchin. Without cutlery.

2.5 In order to guarantee the artistic value of the work, there is an obstacle to the use of tradition, references to the "KM 0", the organic alibi, the bombastic adjectives and the use of the latest technologies.

3. hi-tech ?, I do not give a damn! hi-tech ?, I could care less!

3.1 Technologies should help the creative process, offering through AI processes, or pure chance, combinations capable of generating unexpected emotions, or explain new stories.

3.2 Gastronomy + social networks = marketing, marketing, marketing.

3.3 Environment, design, tableware; those things only make sense when they support the work propitiating emotional catharsis. We say no to the videomapping on a frankfurter sausage. And yes to a minimalist use of light and sound.

3.3.1 Banquets of unexpected food combinations, organized in a minimalist way, bathed in red light, accompanied by a generator of pure low frequency sounds.

3.4 The technology applied to gastronomy is only the means to an end. Only the result matters. The process is the magical element (invisible), the creative algorithm of each gastro-artist!

4. Talking about gastronomy is like talking about fucking. Do it!